2007 Tackles the Tough Issues


AOL just released a list of the 101 Dumbest Moments in Business. I’ll let you waste 101 of your own minutes surfing the intertubes if you’re interested, but my favorite one was the following:

It’s a Fat World …

Disneyland announces plans to close the “It’s a Small World” attraction to deepen its water channel after the ride’s boats start getting stuck under the loads of heavy passengers. Employees ask larger passengers to disembark — and compensate them with free food.

Stuff like this is really insulting to writers world-wide. It’s impossible to compete – you couldn’t make this stuff up. How ’bout this one:

Manny Is Soooo Handy

Young Comcast customers in New Jersey are surprised when they tune in for the Disney Channel ‘Handy Manny’ cartoon and find it to be replaced with hard-core pornography instead.

“Hey, Steve?”
“Yeah, Larry?”
“Why do they put the button for “Play Generic Harmless Children’s Program” and “Broadcast Meat Stick-O-Rama” right next to each other on the control panel?”
“Budget cuts.”

Finally, the ever-awesome CEO-getting-busted-for-indecent-activity place taker:

Ooops! You’re Busted

“I like Mackey’s haircut, I think he looks cute.”
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, posting under the screen name Rahodeb, on a Yahoo Finance stock forum.

The FTC reveals that Mackey authored this and numerous other posts over an eight-year period, hyping his company and himself while trashing the competitor he hoped to acquire.

Why am I going into business? After reading this, you just shouldn’t have to ask.


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