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In light of scholarship season, I thought I’d share one of my favorite vignettes of scholarly goodness. This was my submission for UO General Scholarships back in 2006. Feel free to copy it – simply be advised that every time you plagiarize, another robot learns how to lie. American Humanities: a room full of the […]

We watched a 60 Minutes video in class today. It was about the “Echo Boomers”, the Gen-Y children of the infamous Baby Boomers, who are as entitled as they come with disposable income to boot. We’ve been shuttled to soccer practice and piano lessons and private basketweaving classes since popping out of the womb; we […]

My buddy Hairguy just wrote a blog nigh but days ago that involved quizzes and evil dictators. So, in keeping with the theme of the blog,* I need to know: which leader am I? Apparently my boyfriend, Albert Einstein, is a genius of scientific proportions. His girlfriend, however, had no such good fortune. *Which I’ve […]

My feet hurt. I took a two hour nap at 5:00 PM. My bedroom is freshly vacuumed, the shower drain isn’t clogged with hair yet, and my memory foam hasn’t migrated to the edge of my bed. Must be the first day of school. For those of you who have indulged in Eve Ensler’s triumph, […]