Nobody Likes a Copycat


My buddy Hairguy just wrote a blog nigh but days ago that involved quizzes and evil dictators. So, in keeping with the theme of the blog,* I need to know: which leader am I? Apparently my boyfriend, Albert Einstein, is a genius of scientific proportions. His girlfriend, however, had no such good fortune.

*Which I’ve yet to really address thus far, hoping without hope that leadership is actually just an innate and unlearnable social construct used for weeding out the week and feeble from economic society as a whole…or a magic unicorn. Either would be fine.

I’m this guy. Sayeth the quiz results: “You are the toughest customer on the block. You don’t let anyone get in your way and you do what needs to get done.” Does that include shoe shopping? Sadaam probably had a rad cool collection of Candies back in the hole.

This can only mean problems should I ever choose to run for public office or be on the PTA. God knows Hugo Chavez gave the Senoras quite a row over little Chiquita Chavez’s lack of jurisdiction over channels of chalk distribution. A tariffed nino is a happy nino.

My vote? Try it for yourself. If you end up being Osama or Muj-Al-Truman-can-say-his-name-but-I-can’t-due-to-the-whole-having-a-life-thing President of Iran, shoot me a line and we’ll make a coffee date or something.

It seems only appropriate, wouldn’t you say?


One Response to “Nobody Likes a Copycat”

  1. 1 Mike J

    I’m Mother Teresa!

    ~ Mike (Amber’s BF)

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