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I’ve had a very relaxing weekend. From the weather being a benevolent dictator to seeing Tina Fey make fun of Amy Poehler in Baby Mama, to generally not having a lot of homework, I call this a weekend of WIN. Unfortunately, there always comes this time of night (yes, it’s always on a Sunday) that […]

To my three loyal readers who have put up with random posts on all sorts of topics heretofore: I must think that by now you are saying, “Why the heck is your blog called ‘The Aspiring Leader’ when you never talk about leadership?” I plan to now indulge you, but not without saying a) thank […]

Evidence that whoever made this cute little homage to healthy eating indeed did not eat his or her vegetables. My roommates are dieting. This implies several every important things for me, including limiting my carb-gasms, not bragging about $5 footlongs at Subway, and maintaining secrecy for all involved parties. You see, both my roommates have, […]

I know I haven’t posted in over a month. I blame the IRS. This weekend, I’m taking the Beginner Rider Training motorcycle class through a great organization called Team Oregon. For those of you scratching your heads, yes it’s true, I have never ridden a motorcycle by myself before in my life. Then again, I’ve […]