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To my three loyal readers who have put up with random posts on all sorts of topics heretofore: I must think that by now you are saying, “Why the heck is your blog called ‘The Aspiring Leader’ when you never talk about leadership?”

I plan to now indulge you, but not without saying a) thank you for your loyal readership and 2) stop asking questions to a cyber-persona you can neither see nor reason with.

I attended the Holden Leadership Center’s 2nd annual Leadership Summit this Saturday, and all-day leadership extravaganza complete with multiple keynotes, a complimentary t-shirt, and delicious fruit snacks. Let me first say that I very much enjoyed the event. It was definitely one of the better run leadership events I have been to, and I appreciated being treated as an adult garnering knowledge rather than a grade schooler being taught to play on the playground (yes, it’s true: I’ve worked for University Housing).

I think Google images should change this tag to “expired leader” rather than “aspiring leader”. Ooh, BURN, North Korea.

I attended three sessions, the first of which was led (ha ha) by the executive director for Campus Compact. The theme was being a super hero in your community, and people were asked to say which super hero they would be and why. Naturally, I chose the Robert Downey Jr.-tastic Ironman, because “Heroes aren’t born, they’re built.” (This gives me hope for one day actually being able to pass the CPA exam despite the fact that I was not born with the necessary t-account skills.) I was somewhat amused that the last member of our circle touted Eleanor Roosevelt as the super hero he would be. This conjured up strange images of a beloved first lady donning electric blue tights and flying around skyscrapers. I figure that FDR would have been Charles Xavier.

Next, I had a session with Mayor Kitty Piercy (who is the bomb, and if you are registered in Lane County, you should vote for her and offer to sire her children). She asked us each to cite one thing we like about Eugene and one thing we believe could be improved. From excess transient populations to urban planning problems, we covered pretty much any possible problems plaguing our fair city, and I still relished the occasion to call Eugene home. Remind me of this sentiment next time I try to find a parking spot within 10 miles of campus.

I rounded out the day with Jean Tate*, local real estate mogul and Eugene’s favorite grandma. My boyfriend and I discussed the awesome factor of being a mogul, and I decided that this is what I want to be when I grow up. No matter what I do, I want to be a mogul of it. Here are a few possibilities:

Statewide scarf-knitting mogul
Comic book mogul
LOLcat catching mogl
Lacrosse sportswear mogul
Anti-PC mogul
Balance sheet mogul
Steam-powered locomotive mogul

*This link does not describe the Jean Tate I met, but it is far more interesting than anything I could say to describe her, so I hope you enjoy it.

From heroes to hindsight, I’d say it was a good day had by all. Now don’t say I don’t aspire to anything, my now two loyal readers.


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