The Infinite Sunday

I’ve had a very relaxing weekend. From the weather being a benevolent dictator to seeing Tina Fey make fun of Amy Poehler in Baby Mama, to generally not having a lot of homework, I call this a weekend of WIN.

Unfortunately, there always comes this time of night (yes, it’s always on a Sunday) that makes me feel like Pharaoh kicking up the floor of the Red Sea upon seeing Moses lowering his arms and flipping the world’s first known bird. There’s no homework due tomorrow, hardly any due the day after that – that would be far too simplistic a distressor. I sit face-to-face with my computer, Google Calendar shining like a giant screw-you beacon out of Mac’s happy little screen, and I don’t have a smile on my face. I won’t bore you with the details of how busy I am and how obviously important I am to the rotation of the Earth, but you can imagine that all giant projects and every major going-on all fall with the same week (yes, it’s Week 7, for those of you who understand the inner-workings of the quarter system).

However, the calm before the storm I seem to be experiencing right now is a source of sick and demented joy in my life. I feel like I have harnessed the power of my schedule. Rather than it creeping up behind me to put an ice cube down my shirt, I have installed mirrors in all corners of the kitchen so I see it no matter what angle it approaches from.* It’s not that doom isn’t still impending; I just won’t be caught with my pants down when it comes rolling into town on a silver steed wielding an infinite sword.

I have a feeling the power I experience from having bested my schedule for this round will aid me in my quest for ultimate leader-dom (much like an infinite sword would, if anyone’s in the market to sell one). Here’s to another Sunday night well spent.

*If you’ve come to expect good metaphors from this blog by now, you are a patience person tolerant of the failings of those around you – you should work for Apple.

“No, Moses, for the last time, I don’t want to touch your sword…”

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