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New and improved is usually a phrase reserved only for Braun and Oral-B, but here it is in bawdy and bright polka dots all over my webpage. I’ve been learning about fancy things like RSS feeds on ye olde Internets, and it inspired me to make a few necessary changes to my interface. Much like […]

Not only do their periods attract bears, their ineptitude will also lead to the climax of global warming. I’m not one to spit in the face of success, but the following Tips to help men reach out to women really take the cake. These were released by a global corporation that shall remain unnamed in […]

3:30 AM: Arose after four fitful hours of “sleep” to bound in and out of shower. Imminent presence of sun and warm weather resulted in haphazard attempt to shave legs. Wounds will heal. Scars don’t form as quickly in Disneyland. 4:00 AM: Dragged boyfriend (who dragged luggage) down to car and over to McDonald’s drive […]

If it were this easy, everyone would do it. Not being one to rest on my laurels, I am currently entrenched in the unfortunate and hostile task of creating a thesis prospectus for my honors college requirements. Unfortunately, I can’t make my thesis statement “Welcome to the HC: What the Honors College Has Really Done […]