Epic thesis fail


If it were this easy, everyone would do it.

Not being one to rest on my laurels, I am currently entrenched in the unfortunate and hostile task of creating a thesis prospectus for my honors college requirements. Unfortunately, I can’t make my thesis statement “Welcome to the HC: What the Honors College Has Really Done for Me” (much like you can’t give up being Catholic for Lent). Therefore, I chose to study the integration of Generation Y into the modern workplace and the effectiveness of my future employer in completing said task. Not only does this allot a few brownie points for helping out my firm, but there’s a remote possibility that my research will actually be used, not like those English majors writing the great American novel or the journalism majors writing the great American news article (yes, that was lame – let’s see how much better your blogging is after a few hours of thesis research).

I’ve discovered a few things about my work habits:

1) I love Apple and want to have its babies. The Microsoft Publisher equivalent for Mac – called Pages – has amazing templates that make my life considerably less tumultuous, such as “Reseach Paper” and “Business Report”. Taking out the stressful components like formatting and professionalism out of my thesis creation process really cuts down on the aggravation factor come margarita time (indeed – it’s 5:00 somewhere and we’re on glass number two).

2) My research methods are nothing if not entirely illustrative of my studied demographic. I have quoted YouTube videos, copied citations straight from Adobe Reader documents, and endlessly bemoaned the fact that I had to carry three entire books home from the library last week. I have had to stop myself several times from inserting a footnote that reads “See research methods, accessed 5/2/08”.

3) Being out of my element makes homework easier. I love Eugene, and the library is just about the best facilitator of my productivity on God’s green hippie earth. However, I will always prefer being nestled on a couch in Salem that is not my own in a borrowed shirt sipping from a glass decorated with tequila that is not under my jurisdiction. There’s just something exhilarating about getting work done in and environment that does not directly correlate with the act of homework.

That being said, I should probably end the blog now and get back to my thesis.


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