In with the New


New and improved is usually a phrase reserved only for Braun and Oral-B, but here it is in bawdy and bright polka dots all over my webpage. I’ve been learning about fancy things like RSS feeds on ye olde Internets, and it inspired me to make a few necessary changes to my interface. Much like the Mount Olympus of Apple would suggest, minimalist is the way to go. I’ve never been one to argue with genius, so here we are a few images less and amenities more.

I’ve even managed to hook up with Google Analytics to get me some data about who visits the site. Don’t visit from anywhere suspicious or I may have to turn you in to the proper authorities. The Internet gods take Webland Security far more seriously than the Federal government, I assure you.

In short, please continue to periodically check back to these here polka dots for the latest and greatest in what it takes to pave the road to leader-dom.


2 Responses to “In with the New”

  1. 1 kathleen

    I love polka dots. You get major points for using them. (as if I have some sort of credibility in awarding blog points? whatevs) happy blogging KV!

  2. 2 Truman

    I saw this after reading the latest update and thought that I was negligent enough to have missed TWO entries, until I realized that this was just an update on style.

    Incidentally, I’m pretty sure the polka dot theme here matches one of your outfits, and if you meant for that to happen and have, in fact, just turned your blog into a fashion accessory, I’m slightly impressed and highly frightened.

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