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Everyone in the city of Portland, OR owns a Toyota Prius. Before you say to yourself, “Hey now, Kristin, I live in Portland and I don’t own a Prius,” just don’t. You own one whether you think so or not. The Prius is an automotive fashion epidemic that has officially swept the northwest and the […]

You can’t tell from the picture, but every one of these cars runs on liquid sunshine and puppy tails. Moving and I are about as far from strangers as Gwyneth Paltrow and stilettos. I’ve lived in five different states and attended four different middle schools (along with seeing three men on a dead man’s chest […]

What has ten thumbs and loves alliterative education? This guy! As a professional college student of the 21st century business education system, there are a few quirks of the experience that I will never forget come hell or hard drive crash. Any business student will tell you that group work is the name of the […]

You know, the ancient Sumer-tec-ayans of lower meso-Japan also made a tradition of cleaning out their caves before going to Nordstrom’s. I love my family, and being home is one of the most relaxing experiences a poor, overworked college student can have. From my 10-year-old brother’s new catch phrase (“Why don’t you just fart in […]