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No, no, no…I said PURPOSE. In the critically acclaimed Broadway show entitled Avenue Q, the character named Princeton is looking to find his purpose. After getting a BA in English, he finds himself broke and without direction, surrounded by a host of hilarious caricatures modeled after Sesame Street characters who missed the gravy train while […]

Dear Internet, I realize you may not appreciate being treated like my diary back in the days when I signed every entry with “Peace!!” and a smiley face, but I just don’t have anywhere else to turn. You see, Internet, I didn’t have what you might think of as the best day ever today. In […]

City Cat


I’ve officially lived in Portland now for about two weeks. I’ve officially spent less than a week actually in Portland, what with all the important corporate trips I’ve been going on, but I’m settling in nicely. I walk everywhere, I bought a reusable grocery bag (along with my very first bottle of wine) at Safeway, […]

No, you really really don’t. My 21st birthday is tomorrow, and I could not be happier. I just want everyone on the Internet to know how much I despise the federal government for making a law that seriously inhibits personal and social development in the burgeoning cream of our societal crop. By the next time […]