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I love being a bartender.  For the last few days, I’ve held a post behind the bar of the Northern Lights Theatre Pub, a fantastic local haunt for Salemites seeking delicious grub, flowing libation, and maybe even a movie. First of all, why did no one tell me how many tips bartenders get?  I could […]

Pretty please?



I hate that word. It instills a feeling of blue, of being down rather than up or unhappy rather than frivolous. A transitionary phase between summer work and school year…school…would very logically be considered downtime. Not a lot of work, maybe a lot of play. Not too much structure, not a lot of ways to […]

A Fresh Take


Getting a breath of fresh air is not as good as integrating fresh air into your daily routine. Someone very wise in my life just said this, and I find it profound enough to share it with the entirety of the Intertubes. Now that I’m on a new career path, I feel a very pressing […]



In a classic case of last resort, Windows has launched a new last-ditch venture called the Mojave Experiment. Cynical consumers are invited to test the latest and greatest from Windows, a shiny new software called Mojave. People come in to the experiment thinking terrible, devil-worshipping thoughts about Vista, and when they try Mojave, a chorus […]

A turning point


It’s baby’s first video post – hope you all enjoy.

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