In a classic case of last resort, Windows has launched a new last-ditch venture called the Mojave Experiment. Cynical consumers are invited to test the latest and greatest from Windows, a shiny new software called Mojave. People come in to the experiment thinking terrible, devil-worshipping thoughts about Vista, and when they try Mojave, a chorus of angels sing and Danny Devito drives your taxi to Microsoft so Ol’ Billy can tell you that – lo and behold! – Mojave is really Vista in disguise.

You’ve got to give credit where credit is due here. Only the likes of Microsoft can take this huge of lemons and make a big batch of margarita sandwiches out of them. When you reach the dark and depressing depths Vista appeared to have reached a few months ago, there’s only one way out: playing off people’s hatred of your product.

You know what I say: why not? When the only place you have to go is down, why not spin your wheels? Diehard Mac fan that I am, I find myself intrigued by where a scheme like this will take them. The good news is that all they have to live up to with that namesake is a lifeless, barely habitable place where only tourists visit.


One Response to “Mojav-hey!”

  1. Rather than making a post about it myself, I’m simply going to say that the “Mohave” ads I see on all start with “So why haven’t you upgraded to Windows Vista?” which is, in and of itself, a highly arrogant question. The question I would respond with is, “Why *should* I upgrade?”


    I’m still waiting for the compelling reason. I mean, maybe if I bought a new computer (and not a low-to-midrange one) I can see being able to run it, but otherwise the value just isn’t there.


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