A Fresh Take


Getting a breath of fresh air is not as good as integrating fresh air into your daily routine.

Someone very wise in my life just said this, and I find it profound enough to share it with the entirety of the Intertubes. Now that I’m on a new career path, I feel a very pressing need to stay on the cutting edge of optimism and fresh thinking. From checking in on my fellow bloggers to checking out new websites and technologies, I’m on a mission to discover something that has thus far eluded me in my travels along the road of breathing: a passion.

It's an ad for blinds, but you'd never know from her expression.
How healthy does SHE look?

I just subscribed to a fantastic magazine called Pink. It’s a working woman’s magazine (which granted, I am not, but dream how you want to live, right?) with little tidbits about success, balance, and a variant of buzz words that keep your run of the mill glamour gal on the path to fantastic feminism. There was a sidebar about whether passion is requisite for a career path. Barbara Rubin, and entertainment lawyer and founder of her own firm, firmly states that,

“Passion is overrated. This struggle for women to find passion can be paralyzing. If you’re not passionate about your career, a well-balanced life is that answer. maybe you find passion with your work skills in a different way. Or you have a hobby. Or you find it in your family life.”

On the other hand, Marian Baker, a motivational speaker and author of Wake Up Inspired, insists that,

Passion is like an alarm buzzer, trying to wake us up. To talk yourself out of passion for work could become a new twist on near-death experience. When your heart is truly in something, you’ll work harder to make it succeed, including financially. Life is short. Work can be long.

I can appreciate both sides of the coin, but I seem to be at a point in life where passion is ripe for the taking. My final verdict is to seek passion now and make money later (or on the side in the meantime). And to keep breathing fresh air every day.


One Response to “A Fresh Take”

  1. Kristin. BE PASSIONATE. I get the conflicting opinion, that passion can leave us penniless, but fuck it man. If what you’re doing doesn’t turn you on, you’re doing something wrong. I really do believe in being passionate, because how boring would it be if we weren’t. Especially you, who has energy and the power to create serious change. I need to here more about this turned down job offer…does that mean you’re not pursuing accounting? Or just waiting for a different firm… Might I suggest you consider helping women in other countries do microfinance? I know there are a lot of programs that take people mathematically inclined like yourself and send you around to help people start up businesses. But just a suggestion. You’ll find passion. Just give yourself time to take risks. Risks are where it’s at :).

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