I hate that word. It instills a feeling of blue, of being down rather than up or unhappy rather than frivolous.

A transitionary phase between summer work and school year…school…would very logically be considered downtime. Not a lot of work, maybe a lot of play. Not too much structure, not a lot of ways to fill the days.

A few of the things filling the time include:

  • Setting up Google Reader: all blogs in one place = more downtime, right?
  • Searching for a credit card: I’m officially way behind on the trend that you can earn stuff for spending money you spend anyway.
  • Bowling: The #1 tourist attraction in Salem.
  • Moving stuff: After moving my stuff out of Eugene to Salem, transporting it to the dorm in Portland for eight weeks, then bringing it back down to B’s apartment, I dread the return to Eugene because it can only mean verification of the tried and true fact that we are a materialistic and selfish society (and by we, I mean me).
  • Reading: Books. Like, real books. I’ve finished three books in just over a month, a feat normally reserved for cocktails or broken hearts.
  • Figuring out what direction to go next: Have any ideas? Feel free to share.
  • Driving far more than I’d like: Salem’s public transit leaves much to be desired.

Not that I’m being a downer or anything…


One Response to “Downtime”

  1. 1 kathleen

    Solution #1- moving takes up a lot of down time. in fact I moved in here almost a month ago and am still really busy getting the house into what I consider livable shape. All you have to do is move into a house that needs a lot of work with a landlord who is…shall we say “hands off” in terms of getting things done.
    Solution #2- read/sleep for days at a time. This is a really good way to spend your downtime. Wake up on a day you don’t have much going on. Read half a book. take a nap. read the rest of the book. go back to sleep.
    Solution #3- become a crazy intense home maker. I’m canning my own apple sauce, blackberry jam (with berries from the yard of said hell hole house) this year. Other projects include embroidered monogrammed napkins for all the roommates so we don’t end up using someone else’s lipstick stained napkin to wipe our dainty lips during particularly messy meals.

    not that you asked for my opinion or anything…

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