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I filled in for my good buddy HairGuy this week on his side of the blog ocean, and why shouldn’t I get credit on both sides?  Here it is, in the original glory it was intended: I’m in Pullman, Washington at the moment with the Oregon Marching Band, helping to pep up the fans as […]

You meet the most interesting people at 6:00 AM taking off from the Salem airport. The way I see it, there are two types of seat buddy when it comes to airplane travel.  The surly, quiet type won’t be making any friendly small talk.  They’ll begrudgingly stand as you slide past on your infrequent and […]

Okay, here’s the thing: I’m not a particularly avid supporter of Oprah. I’m also not – despite what my recent facebook video posts might imply – severely anti-Sarah Palin. I tune in once in a while to see what each one’s doing; I have a mild curiosity in the media impact of each; and I […]

Here’s the things about speeding tickets and life: it’s always easier the second time around. Yes, I got a second speeding ticket.  I’m a terrible human being, but I paid my $145 debt to society and was very nice to the courteous motorcycle cop who pulled me over.  It should also be said that he […]

I love my friends, and nothing makes my day quite like hearing about their adventures in the seven corners of the world: from Costa Rican bars to quaint east coast neighborhoods and tired days in France to German BBQs in Spain. But here I lie in the bustling metropolis, wondering if the only adventures have […]