A Salem Adventure


I love my friends, and nothing makes my day quite like hearing about their adventures in the seven corners of the world: from Costa Rican bars to quaint east coast neighborhoods and tired days in France to German BBQs in Spain. But here I lie in the bustling metropolis, wondering if the only adventures have to be abroad.

I say, “Nay.”

B and I set out for a sight-seeing extravaganza around downtown Salem, with high adventure and thrilling tales following close behind.

One of the more cosmopolitan corners of our fair city.

As is plain to see, Salem has a wide variety of features often seen in tourist destinations. Whether you’re looking for traffic lights, a one-way traffic grid, trees, or new-fangled motorized vehicles, this is the place to see.

The Lovely Willamette Queen - it's heavy.

We even have a nostalgic water dwelling that allows residents the pleasure of cavorting up and down the pristine waters of the Willamette.

Did you know the world lived in Salem?

Did you know the world lived in Salem?

A cosmopolitan and internationally renowned place of prestige, Salem recognizes other cultural and political centers with an homage to the globe.

Ol' Billy is the only one left of his kind.  Free of his carrousel bindings, he roams without care.

Ol Billy wandered off the carousel

It is literally a travesty to visit Salem without a ride around the beautiful hand-painted equines of the Riverfront Carousel.

First University in the west

First University in the west

Not only do entertainment and culture abound, but one can get some quality schoolin’ in the meantime.

An epic expanse

An epic expanse

Again, Salem is proud to deflect the true honor to the other 49 states that make up our sweet nation.  A visitor may test his or her knowledge of flag design or pole dancing ability simultaneously.

See the man?  He is gold.

See the man? He is gold.

Oh, and it’s the capitol.  Apparently important work gets done here.

So, the next time you’re ready to count Salem out on the map of international acclaim, remember the rich experience of one Salem-ite just trying to make it through the summer.


5 Responses to “A Salem Adventure”

  1. I’m going to spoil this for everyone by saying that all these sights were within about 7 blocks of my apartment.

  2. “First University In The West” is hell of arbitrary. Technically, Harvard was the first university in the west.

    So suck on that, Willamette.

  3. 3 Tom

    I’ve never seen Salem this way before. Are any of those “attractions” visible from I-5?

  4. All this and more is just a small detour away, Mr. Bode.

  5. 5 Amber Beyer

    I’ve honestly expressed interest in visiting you in Salem during the summer. Now I see that you were keeping all the amazingness to yourself… Come winter break, I WILL BE THERE!

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