Violated by traffic


Here’s the things about speeding tickets and life: it’s always easier the second time around.

Yes, I got a second speeding ticket.  I’m a terrible human being, but I paid my $145 debt to society and was very nice to the courteous motorcycle cop who pulled me over.  It should also be said that he was very nice.  As was his bike.

Regardless of my morality in the matter, the level of stress involved in the ordeal was so minimal, I had to wonder about the evolution of my stress methods.  Am I now a person who can “let things go”?  Be it a pet, a grudge, or a delicious hot dog, I’ve never been one to let go of much without a subdued growl or at least a last bite.

Math + Car = Kristin's in trouble
Math + Car = Kristin’s in trouble

But enough of the boring introspection and on to the good ol’ fashioned blog-plaining.  My new Blackberry Curve (Bebe – yes, she’s pink and FA-bu-LOUS) has been a yin and yang of perfection and resentment since I bought it about a week ago.  I get email on my phone?  Great.  It syncs up with Mac to create a duality of forms and thinking unparalleled in the modern day computer wars?  Awesome.

Then things start going wrongways.  I get inundated with 200 messages in two minutes due to a random occurrence of email backlog.  It’s hard to tell whether the red blinking light of death implies an emergency family call or my Portland Center for the Performing Arts newsletter arrival.  And perhaps worst of all, the screen protector won’t stay stuck to the screen.

Let me just say that I know all of you are nodding your heads at the trueness of this last epic issue.  It’s not the gas light that worries you while you’re on the road, it’s the leaf caught under your windshield wiper.

Which brings it all back to my lack of tact in driving.  I just have to assume that a herd of kindergartens would have launched into the road square in front of me had Officer Sweet Bike not pulled me over.


One Response to “Violated by traffic”

  1. Watch out for those kindergartners…dangerous lot they are. Were you on a bike when you got pulled over or in a car?

    Good classes planned for this fall? I hope you’re reveling in the last few days before the madness begins :). Miss you and stay well!


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