Winfrey vs. Palin: The Fight for our Daughters


Okay, here’s the thing: I’m not a particularly avid supporter of Oprah. I’m also not – despite what my recent facebook video posts might imply – severely anti-Sarah Palin. I tune in once in a while to see what each one’s doing; I have a mild curiosity in the media impact of each; and I do tune in for Oprah’s Favorite Things episode like a groundhog made of gold and gummi worms is popping out of the ground once a year.

The point is that I’m not acting from any sort of extremist point of view when I watch this:

From day one of the Palin nomination, we’ve heard plenty of hemming and hawing that just because she’s a woman, that doesn’t mean women will vote for her. This is not only a logical and realistic stance, but a morally upright and forward thinking one. Sarah Palin is vehemently anti-woman and -choice, and this should come as a surprise to no one (think modern Republican party = social conservatism 101).

The representative (and president) of the Florida Federation of Republican Women who spoke on CNN advocates a boycott of Oprah’s show because she is refusing to interview Sarah Palin. (This apparently anti-everything blog has a synopsis of the statement.) Here are a few of the priceless gems that come out of these pro-women Republican mouths:

She has built her empire on catering to women viewers, and here we have a woman candidate.

We are deeply disappointed in Ms. Winfrey’s decision to sit out the greatest political moment in the history of women since suffrage.

That’s funny, I would have thought that having an actual flesh and blood woman a few states away from being nominated to actually be President of the United States was a pretty big jump. Or maybe having a woman become Speaker of the House of Representatives and third in line to the Presidency was a step in the right direction.

But, lest we forget, these women are Democrats. They couldn’t possibly have the true best care in mind for the progress of women in the modern political arena.

I’m a registered Independent voter. I don’t support a certain side because of the color of their state or the shape of there animal. I vote because that candidate will further my interests. If my interest was to look at the white house and see a pair of immaculate breasts and a classy updo, I’d be on the Palin train faster than you can apply lipstick to a pitbull. Instead, my interests involve a few paltry things like having the right to decide what gets to grow inside my body or educating my children about how to enjoy sex in a safe and responsible way. I’m interested in seeing women portrayed as intelligent and powerful with boobs rather than boobs that are mildly intelligent and powerful.

But I suppose, FFRW, you can just lump me in with anti-woman Winfrey and call it a day.

Also, if you haven’t seen this yet, do watch:


3 Responses to “Winfrey vs. Palin: The Fight for our Daughters”

  1. 1 Jonathan

    That SNL skit was hilarious. The link stopped working though. Here is a new one 😉

  2. Many thanks – all updated and ready for enjoyment.

  3. WELL SAID KRISTIN. You rock.

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