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You’ll recall that I have a bit of an attachment to Gen Y.  A self-proclaimed avid member of the group itself, I find articles like this one featured today in the WSJ intriguing.  It was adapted from a book written by Ron Alsop, who is apparently important enough to be featured on Purdue’s faculty list.  […]

A catchy song is like a popcorn kernel behind your back molar.  I have been smitten by my latest album purchase, (D)early Departed (click for B’s masterful description of the premise).  One of the most hauntingly fantastic songs on the album is “Inebriate Waltz” by Leigh Marble.  It centers around Sam Simpson, Oregon’ s first […]

Being knee-deep in the Internet is my favorite place to be. It’s a veritable cesspool of awesome, a sparkling fountain of sewage runoff. A playground built over a volcano. I feel inordinately lucky to live in a time and place where the Internet is as much a part of the vernacular as strawberry pie at […]

My business law book just taught me a valuable lesson about search and seizure. A man was sentenced to 15 years in prison on child pornography charges due to incriminating evidence found on his hard drive during a border search. A computer serving as a witness to a criminal charge isn’t new, but it’s certainly […]

This is what I think of business law so far.  If you can glean some profound meaning from it, I’ll be very impressed. Yes, that’s the Pink Elephant of Fairness standing off to the side and yes, I got to use my crayons for the first time in…a while.

Do not mail


Consider this a public service announcement: when your mail is not picked up for a certain period of time, the US Postal Service cancels your account. Wait, what? Yes, you will no longer have a mailing address if you don’t pick up your mail.  I am currently doing damage control on this very issue, and […]

Major pain


Having recently changed my major, I can’t help but have a sense that the real world is tapping me on the opposite shoulder so I turn the wrong way and miss the point.  There are a variety of places to look for jobs, areas to study, fields to become an expert in, but very few […]