A Snapshot

like turtle, only in lexiconic form.

Wordle: like turtle, only in lexiconic form.

I made this spiffy word art through Wordle by syncing it to my blog. Here we have a snapshot of all that seems to be important in my life. (My favorites are boobs, drunk, woman/women/anti-woman, and salt).

Back to school has been busy. As a senior, the UO has become a veritable last chance saloon of opportunity for me, and let me tell you: sucking the marrow out of life while keeping an education on track is awesome. Here are a few of the tidbits occupying my brain matter and blood/sweat/tears:

Going to class

It’s true: turns out academics are still a stronghold of educational institutions. In my physics class, we’ve made a habit of defining key terms as a tenet of other important concepts. Take time for example. Apparently, Einstein defined time as that which a clock measures. By this reasoning, length is that which a ruler measures, love is that which is not created or destroyed, apathy is that which the college machine fights against, and intelligence is that which grades strive to echo. Regarding that last one, I would postulate that dedication is that which results in daily survival.

Swooning over the iPhone

Verizon might be coming into the iPhone melee come 2009. Being an ardent Apple fan and reluctant Blackberry owner, I find this news incredibly exciting. News like this is representative of hope for a better tomorrow. Whether it comes true, knowing the iPhone could be a reality for me is paramount to knowing orca whales will still exist when I own my first pet and Kim Catrell will still be alive to have lunch with when I finally move to New York City.

Changing my major

Much like changing one’s underwear, switching majors is a swift process in and of itself. But much like changing one’s underwear in the middle of the amphitheatre, the act garners quite a few questions. What was wrong with your old underwear? Did things not go well in the fitting room? Good thing you figured out that pair wasn’t for you before the return period was up. I’m looking to marketing as yet another beacon of things to come, much like the iPhone or November 4th.

Obsessing over politics

Let me tell you something I’ve discovered about firsts: doing anything for the first time is the most exciting time you’ll do that thing for the rest of your life. From living in Portland for the first time to purchasing my first legal alcoholic drink, now I’m voting in my first presidential election. I’ve got a spanky new perception analyzer imbedded in my brain that bugs me 24/7 about what’s new in the race. While obnoxious, I can appreciate that I won’t get the chance to be this into an election until another college career from now. Really, the last time I had the chance to be interested in a presidential election, I was eight months shy of having my democratic say. I’m taking this one all the way to the bank.


2 Responses to “A Snapshot”

  1. While I don’t want to dampen your Verizon iPhone excitement, I’ve had reason to believe the Beatles catalog was finally coming to iTunes each of the last two or three summers, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether record companies or cell phone providers have a worse track record for deceiving and irritating their customers.

  2. Wow. You have a Blackberry? Jealous.

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