Major pain


Having recently changed my major, I can’t help but have a sense that the real world is tapping me on the opposite shoulder so I turn the wrong way and miss the point.  There are a variety of places to look for jobs, areas to study, fields to become an expert in, but very few answers.  If only the world were willing to throw a few “hots” or “colds” out once in a while to help guide the course, I’d be grateful.  At this point, all I’m feeling is a few fuzzy headshakes paramount to prom dress shopping with one’s dad.

My marketing research book has a section about doing secondary research on the Internet.  It occurred to me while reading (yes, I do my homework) that it’s methods were already slightly outdated and definitely could have been enhanced.  The revelation that I could teach this book how to write itself wasn’t entirely nouveau.  I happen to know many people who could teach this book a thing or two.  (My operations management book, however, appears to not be written in English.)

The moral of the story: a student of new media has no standard curriculum.  And a truly revolutionary marketing book has no hope of keeping up with the times.

This is how excited I am to be on a new career path.  Don't let the Shirley Temple curls fool you.

This is how excited I am to be on a new career path.


3 Responses to “Major pain”

  1. Prom dress shopping with one’s dad…amazing imagery :). You’ll rock it. Enjoy the now, and keep being your committed self. Great job with the notes at S4c by the way. They made me smile 🙂

  2. I agree. Love your analogies- Switching majors is like slipping off old underwear . . . Looking for career paths is as confusing as shopping for prom dresses with your dad . . . So clever 🙂

  3. A guide to secondary research on the Internet? What, they printed a link to Wikipedia?

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