Do not mail

Can't touch this.

Can't touch this.

Consider this a public service announcement: when your mail is not picked up for a certain period of time, the US Postal Service cancels your account.

Wait, what?

Yes, you will no longer have a mailing address if you don’t pick up your mail.  I am currently doing damage control on this very issue, and let me tell you, it BLOWS.  I called the Post Office, and it turns out my account was cancelled back in July.  Both of my roommates are still receiving mail, but me?  Not so much.

It all started when we sublet our apartment for the summer.  I absent-mindedly brought the mail key with me away from Eugene when I left, and ended up mailing it (to an alternate address, thank you Caption Obvious) back to our subletters.  This left a two-week gap in the mail picking up process that apparently led to my downfall.  By now, I’m sure you’re saying, “Well, Kristin, you’re the one who took the mail key in the first place.  It’s your own darn fault the mail was late getting picked up.”  But here’s the thing, oh ye of little sympathy: my roommates are STILL GETTING MAIL.  I am the only one who got screwed over in this process.  I’m not saying they deserved this as well – I’m just pointing out how little sense there is schmeared on this sandwich of injustice.

After calling the Post Office (waited on hold for seven minutes) and American Express (who are only open M-F from 8AM-8PM, yah thanks guys), I called Netflix to settle that mess.  And let me be the first to tell you: Netflix customer service is the gold standard of voices that can fix your problems.  They got a lot of flack a few years ago for not giving customers adequate access to the customer service number, but all that is in the past.  Even the NY Times agrees.  After clicking a few easy answers on the website, I called the customer service number and entered my customer ID # which pinpointed my problem and automatically brought up all my information for the rep.  I spoke to a real person after less than 30 seconds of waiting, she didn’t follow a patronizing script, and she fixed my problem after about two minutes. Best.  Ever.

Lesson learned?  Forward your mail.  Always.


One Response to “Do not mail”

  1. They canceled your account after two weeks? Ridiculous. Yay for Netflix. I miss you!!!

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