The fact of the matter


Being knee-deep in the Internet is my favorite place to be. It’s a veritable cesspool of awesome, a sparkling fountain of sewage runoff. A playground built over a volcano. I feel inordinately lucky to live in a time and place where the Internet is as much a part of the vernacular as strawberry pie at Shari’s or political rhetoric at Walking Saint. The more I immerse myself in generational research, the more ubiquitous I find myself willing the Internet to become. Being online is an equalizer of sorts. I don’t have to be Maureen Dowd (God, that I were) to wax cynical about the synapse failures of political figures or general ineptitude of…everything.

I find myself considering the variables that will contribute to success in my working life, now a mere eight and some odd months away from this very moment. With the pernicious glare of self-sufficiency looming on the horizon beginning to overshadow my desire for self-fulfillment, I huddle over my flame of intrinsic motivation to protect it from the winds of reality.*

*Could this metaphor BE any more convoluted?

21 years of simple observation have taught me things about myself. I love macaroni salad and comfortable shoes. I can’t tell the difference between a nutria and a wombat. It takes me approximately 1.5 years to finish knitting a scarf. But discerning the finer points of my career development have proved stickier than simple observation. Nonetheless, here’s what I’ve figured out so far:

  • I am not my parents (though I love, respect, and adore them until the end of the Internet)
  • I’m looking for a leg up, not a hand out
  • I can be more productive in a coffee shop at 10:00 PM than in a cubicle at 8:00 AM
  • I want people to love the work I do
  • I want people to see the work I do
  • When I use a word incorrectly, I want to know
  • Engaging in the greater social and political climate is a priority
  • There are a lot of people making a lot of money who tell people things they already know (and I don’t want to be one of those people)
  • Being busy is great, but being productive is better
  • I do not believe that God is the place to look for budgeting tactics

2 Responses to “The fact of the matter”

  1. You really can’t tell the difference between a nutria and a wombat??? I’m shocked.


    come on.

  2. God is an awesome fall guy, though.

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