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My 15 minutes


Here it is in all it’s glory: my public access television debut.  Watch episode one because it’s funny… Then watch episode two because it’s funny and I’m in it: Damn it, Capps, you’re all over my blog… Advertisements

Though it’s most referred to in a chiropractic setting, I’ve been thinking more and more about the idea of alignment. Your average Gen Yer is a high energy, intensely optimistic worker, right? And, all kinds of employers are looking to harness this verve for progress and new ideas to move business forward and gain that […]

Who would have thought that the original innovator of the online consumer marketplace would become as obsolete as a home land line or the macarena? According to a BusinessWeek article published yesterday, things are far more competitive than before in the online marketplace…well, marketplace.  The concept of an online auction is becoming archaic as consumers […]

Rather than use up all the words I need to be funneling into my physics paper and operations write-ups, I decided to throw a few of the elements of my weekend thus far into a collage and let pictures speak louder than my paltry business major words can. Starting at the upper left… Autzen – […]

Many a virtual empire has been founded on the idea of “building” a career.  A “Career Building” is constructed of things like Networking™, a solid Resume™, and having Grades™ you don’t need to hide from a recruiter (“Oh sure, I have a 3.98 basket weaving core GPA.”) As I embark once again into the dark, […]