The Career Artist


Many a virtual empire has been founded on the idea of “building” a career.  A “Career Building” is constructed of things like Networking™, a solid Resume™, and having Grades™ you don’t need to hide from a recruiter (“Oh sure, I have a 3.98 basket weaving core GPA.”)

As I embark once again into the dark, slimy abyss of job searching, I’ve spread my feelers wide and far in search of any and all handouts, advice, research, and innovative methods that tap into my skill set and may help fuel my addiction to delicious Qdoba burritos once I’m out from under the secure, dry wing of undergraduate education.  There are so many resources to look at, if I tried to use them all, I’d need to get paid for it to make it worth my time.  If I got paid to look for a job, that would make me a genius, which I won’t be for at least a few years or so.

I have this theory about anyone in the job market right now.  This includes hapless undergrads like myself, my recently MBA’d significant other, my long-time mentor and former CFO, and anyone who did data entry at AIG or Lehman.  Instead of being career builders, we need to be career artists.  We need to be selective about the inputs in our job search and be conscious about what outputs we get.  Looking for a job can – and is, often times – like throwing spare change in a fountain.  You see everyone else doing it, the effects of everyone who’s tried before you are there, you have a vague feeling that you’ll feel better after you do it, but all you end up with is an empty pocket and a polluted fountain.

If I got paid to write analogies, that would be genius as well, which we have established I am not.

As career artists, we get to choose if we use marble, stone, or acrylics; pointallism, moderism, or cubism; a paintbrush, a chisel, or a Mac.  The artists who use the right combination of tools will create something beautiful: a job.  And not just any job, but an attractive, well-sculpted job with the face of an angel and the body of a god.

My word he's beautiful

Oh my, David, oh my...

I’m ready to get to work.  I’m testing out crayons and graph paper and giant pieces of steel to figure out exactly what my medium is and how it will appeal to my artistic community.  A few things I’m finding useful are Brazen Careerist, One Day One Job, Talent Buzz, and my friendly neighborhood Career Center.

The things I’m finding most useful are people in my life.  It’s cheesy, but who else is going to look at my chicken scratch drawings and read my feeble attempts at a bl-…riiiight.


One Response to “The Career Artist”

  1. I saw an infomercial at like 2:30 AM a couple nights ago about how you can get your bartending license in 6 weeks through this online course, so, I mean, there’s that fountain to throw change in.

    I also saw an infomercial for a 1-900 phone sex hotline, so really I feel like you can’t go wrong here.

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