And it’s only 7:30 PM…sweet


Rather than use up all the words I need to be funneling into my physics paper and operations write-ups, I decided to throw a few of the elements of my weekend thus far into a collage and let pictures speak louder than my paltry business major words can.


Starting at the upper left…

  • Autzen – we beat Stanford literally in the last seconds of the game.  Totally worth staying, but my room is now full of wet things trying to not be so wet.
  • Amelie – after watching this movie for the third time last night, I remember a) why I love French films and b) why I would leave my current mate in a heartbeat for Audrey Tautou.
  • My cold – I was sick before the game, and now (having been thoroughly soaked to the bone with rainwater and Duck spirit) am considerably sicker.
  • Bebe – my Blackberry stopped working after the extended exposure to water during the day’s activities.  She has been blow dried and will live under my room lamps for the next 24 hours (all as per the Internet’s instructions).
  • This fleece – it’s the best week’s worth of fun budget I’ve ever spent.  I’ve worn it at least once each day for the past week and a half (not in public at this point due to the smell) and it’s one of the single comfiest things I’ve ever spent time inside.
  • Social activism – as a Co-Director for Students for Choice on campus this year, I’ve taken a renewed interest in good ol’ fashioned Eugenian protesting.  This month, we’re bringing attention to Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which are dangerous fake clinics that purport to offer reproductive options to at risk women.

Now, time for homework.


4 Responses to “And it’s only 7:30 PM…sweet”

  1. You’re still talking about that fleece, huh?


  2. In all fairness, I’d leave you for Audrey Tautou too. 🙂

  3. 3 Kristin R

    Organizations like the CPC make me really angry. They essentially works against both pro-choice and pro-life causes because it not only scares women who are already vunerable, but also discredits the work of legitimate pro-life organizations. I describe myself as both pro-choice and pro-life, so this makes me doubly mad. I’m sure that description sounds somewhat wacky but essentially in my ideal world, all women would have access to safe, legal abortions, but no one would need to use them. Since there world isn’t perfect yet, there are lot of organizations on both sides of the idealogy that are doing good work. By spreading misinformation and fear mongering, CPC just makes it that much harder for legitimate orgs. reach those in need. Thanks for spending time to get the word out about them!

    Oh, and that picture (and the issue) totally reminded me of how much I miss activism.

  4. You’re a rockstar. Keep up all of your activities, and don’t worry about sickness. You’re young and spry 🙂 But do sleep once in a while…

    See you in a month!

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