Considering Purpose Alignment


Though it’s most referred to in a chiropractic setting, I’ve been thinking more and more about the idea of alignment. Your average Gen Yer is a high energy, intensely optimistic worker, right? And, all kinds of employers are looking to harness this verve for progress and new ideas to move business forward and gain that competitive edge that eludes many a fallen revenue model.

Here’s the problem I can see: college Gen Yers are coming from a world where aligning work with a focused and purposeful goal is rarely a priority. Take my schedule, for example. I’m a business major; I have a teaching assistant role within the business college, I (still, even as a senior) spend countless hours in the business building studying for impending midterms, and meet with project groups so often we’ve dropped email protocol altogether when it comes to scheduling. I’m also a member of a student ad agency in the journalism school, a co-director of our campus pro-choice student group, an intern for Reach Group, and am moderately interested in having a job when I graduate in seven months.

My road to success sometimes feels like a jumble of roadside attractions.

He’s a pro when it comes to resume building.

I love everything I do – otherwise I wouldn’t do it. But, I’ve begun to consider more and more the coming shift when a college student enters the working world. No longer are you measured by the length of your extracurricular list. Now, it’s the quality and focus you put into one area that matters. That’s not to say the working world isn’t multi-faceted; there’s simply a new way of thinking about the ingredients for success.

It’s the difference between an apple pie and a fruitcake. Even the most masterful of bakers will have a hard time finding all the necessary fruits at the peak of season for a quality fruitcake.

I’m looking for an employer who will be willing to work with my ingredient list to align the skills I already have with the necessary competencies it will take to succeed at a given company. I will choose the employer who can take in all my ingredients and synthesize what I can offer into a focused effort for company progress.

Any takers?

Mis-is no doubt to blame here.
Misalignment is no doubt to blame here.

One Response to “Considering Purpose Alignment”

  1. Obama is a pretty good basketball player and Einstein won second place at the Munich Breakdancing Festival back before relativity hit it big – however, in each case they only got paid for a limited portion of their skill set, and all the rest just became hobbies. So maybe the job could be your hobby.

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