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Did you know that Britney Spears has two songs in the top ten this week?  TWO?  This is a woman who went from hot to not faster than Christmas songs on December 26th.  Like her or hate her, there is definitely something to be said for the resilience factor in this story. Resilience is one […]

I love Christmas more than any other holiday.

I have to admit: I’ve been struggling considerably to look on the positive lately. It’s the week before finals here in Term-Based Education Land™ and everyone’s continued attempts to keep our heads above water have effectively squelched most best intentions regarding long term plans. As seniors, we know that our impending graduation should be a […]

My mom has a facebook account.  I’m connected on LinkedIn with former bosses and current professors.  My grandma reads my blog (hi Gram!) and my 11-year-old brother has his own website on kid-friendly They call it social media for a reason. A Gen X friend of mine recently joined Facebook and had a few […]