When the going gets tough


I have to admit: I’ve been struggling considerably to look on the positive lately. It’s the week before finals here in Term-Based Education Land™ and everyone’s continued attempts to keep our heads above water have effectively squelched most best intentions regarding long term plans. As seniors, we know that our impending graduation should be a rather large cloud in our tempest of college life, promising to rain hard and long if we don’t invest now to buy a big umbrella in 6-7 months’ time.

It’s times like these that I can’t help but take a break from my quantum physics paper* to ponder about my shortcomings. Normally I’d try to find a silver lining in the poop cloud of my economic future, perhaps praise my peers’ efforts to rise above our petty college problems and reach out to the real world, maybe even consider making another public access TV appearance. But what better time than this, when fully immersed in the smelly, dank lower levels of educational purgatory, to contemplate where I’ve been so far and where I will never return.

*You CANNOT write a quantum physics paper sober – Einstein and Bell were most likely on crack during 75% of their lifetimes.

The Things Kristin is Simply No Good At (Volume I):

  • quantum physics
  • operations management
  • accounting/finance/statistics/computer science
  • drawing
  • waking up on time (being anywhere on time, really
  • law
  • working out regularly
  • committing to things she doesn’t find fulfilling

Let me tell you something about that last one: it’s taken me over 20 years to figure that one out. 20 years to realize that something worth doing isn’t always worth doing right, and that perhaps education is about an experience greater than giving 110% to everything.


This way to higher education.

Side note: If anyone even but breaths the word “quantum” to me after 5:00 PM on Monday, he/she will no longer be an element of reality.


One Response to “When the going gets tough”

  1. I shared similar sentiments during my last year/term in college. I was very reflective and anxious about the future. I also tended to focus and think about my shortcomings too much.

    Since that time I have learned that I’m going to be just fine. I’m smart enough and work harder than most. I have a excellent work ethic. I’m enjoying the experience of employment and trying to give 110 percent as much as I can…but you have to pick and choose your battles. Don’t think about your shortcomings too much, just know that majority of the population is surprisingly incompetent. That always provides at least a smidgen of comfort in anxious times. 🙂

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