Moving forward


My family and I sat on the couch last night at 11:55 PM watching a montage of worldwide celebration involving fireworks, international landmarks, and a denizen of screaming fans.

We decided that renewal is a 2008 phenomenon that has swept the globe, akin to the skinny jean or Webkinz.  From Sydney to Tokyo and Berlin to London, everyone was pleased as punch to be banishing their 2008 Ford Taurus in favor of a shiny new 2009 Toyota Prius.

Should all acquaintance be forgot...

Should all acquaintance be forgot... least you can save the environment. least you can save the environment.

Environmentally friendly, stylish design, quality manufacturing – I mean really, what’s not to love?

But Prius jabs aside, I can’t help but hum the song made popular by the Who that explains how 21 is going to be a good year.  I’m turning 22 this year, but I think the sentiment still resonates.  I remember the day I posted 2009 as my graduation year when I got a Facebook account during freshman year of college.  2009 seemed so far away,  like the day we’d have a white Christmas in Oregon or the time when High School Musical would be released in theatres.

We never jumped that much in high school.

We never jumped that much in high school.

When facing the future, I think that having the past play wingman makes the whole experience all the better.  I plan to walk into the new and exciting biker bar on the outskirts of town arm-in-arm with my good buddy, The Past, ready to take any unwilling advances and help me discern the best crowd-working technique.

Here are a few of the key lessons I plan to learn from:

The “It Could Always Be Worse”: If I had a shrink, she would tell me this is a most unhealthy way to live.  But sometimes shortcuts are the simplest way to success.  When I get stressed during 2009, I play to remember that I don’t have cancer, I’m not jumping off a cruise ship in Cancun, and I’m not this brave woman.  Sometimes we just need a healthy cell counting, feet planting, normal-sized leg reality check to see that everything is just peachy keen and it could just be so much worse.*

*Kristin would like to extend a rolling round of applause to anyone suffering from cancer, huge legs, or those with the need to jump off cruise ships.  You are stronger women than she.

The “Family Will Always Be There”: It’s just true.  Nobody can love you the way the people who are born into loving you do.  There will always be pick-me-up hugs from your younger brother who’s a head taller than you, cosmopolitan-making lessons from your parents. and general uncontrollable glee from your family dogs.  You just can’t stop the endless stream of love from the people who diapered your smelly butt.

Noah loves ABBA.

The “Ewan Mcgregor Will Always Be Hot”: End of story.

I pledge to always be Ewan-hot.

I pledge to always be Ewan-hot.

The “Renewal is the Cake you Bake it in”: I’ve decided to embark upon one of those lists.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  And here it is:

Things to do before I’m 25

  • See the Red Sox play in Fenway Park
  • Kiss someone on top of something really tall
  • Watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in Times Square
  • Graduate from college (fingers crossed)
  • Run a half-marathon (have you seen me run?  Don’t push your luck…)

I’ll be adding to the list, but this is the start, and I welcome any recommendations for additions.


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