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I have this theory. Walk with me, won’t you? Our degree of connection has given new meaning to our everyday mundane lives. Take the Onion, for example, with it’s illustration of how easy it is for anyone to share the deepest recesses of their lives with the entire world: And take my need to share […]

So I got this in the mail from Firestone (yes, of tire fame) today: That’s right: it’s a love letter from my car. My favorite line is as follows: But the years passed, and like upholstery in the hot sun Your love began to fade. And now in a time when I need your care […]

This is one of the best concepts I’ve heard from the Gen X&Y blogosphere in a good long Internet while.  “Gen-X to Gen-Y” is a biting commentary on real world hints Gen Xers have for Gen Yers. And this is EXACTLY why I’m writing my thesis on this topic. Here’s the thing: the job economy […]

Why 25?


I love Facebook more than most things in the world, save perhaps for Sex and the City and pepperoni pizza LeanPockets, so in pursuit of FB’s love and approval, I feel mildly obligated to be yet another conduit for the 25 random facts about me trend (regardless of my moral obligation to prevent the spread […]