Why 25?


I love Facebook more than most things in the world, save perhaps for Sex and the City and pepperoni pizza LeanPockets, so in pursuit of FB’s love and approval, I feel mildly obligated to be yet another conduit for the 25 random facts about me trend (regardless of my moral obligation to prevent the spread of wasted time).

1. When I logged on to WordPress today, I saw this:

You are not the boss of me, WordPress.

You are not the boss of me, WordPress.

2. When “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” comes on at 80s night at John Henry’s, I descend quickly into Woo Girl mode.

3. It just occurred to me I could have used an automatic numbered list for this. Damn.

4. When I update my blog, it links directly to both Facebook and Twitter. A carrier pigeon also brings a copy of it to the Vatican for ritual blessing.

5. I use the phrase “one of my favorite people” to refer to any person I’m talking about as long as I have at least a remote form of attachment to him or her. For example:

So my econ professor, who’s just one of my FAVORITE people, gave us the answers to the assignment before it was due.

6. I still sleep with a stuffed animal. His name is Pierre and he is an adorably protective French bulldog.

7. The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is my favorite painting of all time and I have two prints of it in my room right now.


This increases my girl factor by about 8 fold.

8. It really bothers me when people use “cheap” (which implies quality) instead of “inexpensive” (which implies a dollar amount).

9. I have a secret fear that people I’m talking to on the phone are going to the bathroom while conversing with me.

10. I read every single book in the Animorphs series when I was a kid, including all the Megamorphs and Visser/Hork-Bajir Chronicles.

11. I’m listening to the Twilight soundtrack right now and have watched some ridiculous mock-up trailers for the next movie on YouTube.

12. Rufus Wainwright is the coolest artist I’ve ever seen live. He showed up 20 minutes after the concert was supposed to start and told us no one woke him up from his nap. Also, his middle name is McGarrigle, which is just awesome.

13. My choices for a 3-way would be Natalie Portman and Neil Patrick Harris.

The most awesome ever found in one place.

The most awesome ever found in one place.

14. The thought of being pregnant makes me want to spend years of my life in a black market laboratory in Slovenia devising a way to reproduce via budding. I would then make sure that method was featured here.

15. Popping blisters gives me a sick burst of power over nature.

16. I feel closer to God every time I paint my nails.

17. In middle school, I used to draw my astrological sign on the inside of my wrist every day with Gelly Roll pen.

I know, it looks like a 69.  It's SO funny...

I know, it looks like a 69. It's SO funny...

18. I can handle killing any kind of bug except for those giant mosquito things. They freak me out due to their innate lack of direction and giant legs, the little spazes.

19. I own and use this daily.  I also refer to it as “beddie”.

20. I think 25 facts is too many for a reader to retain interest.  You probably stopped at #5 and skipped down to the end, didn’t you?

21. Bret and Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords have the ideal accent I would want in a mate.

22. I almost hyperventilated during the climactic scene of Silence of the Lambs.  (“Get away from the glass!”)

23. The last book I read was Are Men Necessary? by Maureen Dowd.  Don’t worry, Y-chroms, the answer was yes.

24. I have issues spelling the word convinient convenient correctly on the first try.

25. See?  You DID skip to the bottom, you blog post skimmer!  Well, thanks for making the effort, slacker-friend.  You’ll probably post some pithy comment now about one of the 25 things to imply you read the whole thing and actually take an interest in my life.  I just don’t know how you live with yourself.


8 Responses to “Why 25?”

  1. 1 Adam Edgerton

    I was going to post a comment until I got to #25.

  2. That’ll teach you to show an interest in my online presence, right?

  3. 3 Kathleen

    I actually did read the entire list. I sleep with a stuffed animal/heating pack thing. It’s basically a combination of your #6 and #19.

    @11- is it any good?

  4. #8!!!!!! YES!

    i hate when comprise and compose are used interchangeably!! they are NOT!

  5. 5 Genevieve

    Mmmm. I do love me some Gustav Klimt.

  6. 6 Truman

    That wasn’t climactic, it was 15 goddamn minutes into the movie. The proper phraseology is “I think the TV is actually a mystical telephone into the world of fiction.”

    Also, I’ve so pulled #9 on you before. Like, twice.

  7. kids love stuffed animal because they are very cute and soft to touch _

  8. stuffed animals are very cute and lovely, i bet that most kids and even women loves them –.

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