Eva says: “Directive”


This is one of the best concepts I’ve heard from the Gen X&Y blogosphere in a good long Internet while.  “Gen-X to Gen-Y” is a biting commentary on real world hints Gen Xers have for Gen Yers.

And this is EXACTLY why I’m writing my thesis on this topic.

It's really just this easy?  Never mind then.

Not from the blog I'm talking about...this is eye candy only.

Here’s the thing: the job economy is an epic FAIL at the moment.  I wake up in cold sweats more nights of the week than I’d admit to a counselor worried that I’ll graduate from college in the spring among the hoards without job and unsure of direction.  Meanwhile, there are millions of Gen Yers out there getting jobs and doing them poorly, making all of us look like inept, lazy, ingrates.  As college students, we live in an incubator of fuzzy thoughts and tummy rubs, being constant regaled of the fact that we’re the ones who are going to change the world in the next 5 years.

Trust me, I’m the one holding the “Where’s my day one impact?” sign at the front of the pack.

But this blog is one of the most refreshing resources I’ve found in my recent search.  Who better to point you in the direction your effort should take you than the very people looking to tear apart your arguments?  I hope that being armed with knowledge of negative habits and mindsets commonly associated with the graduating hoards will keep the job-related night terrors at bay, at least for the moment.

Keep up the good work, SGX and GXM.  If you have any job openings, I’d love to be the first to apply and show up to my interview on time.

Also, I love WALL*E...maybe more than job security.  Maybe.

Also, I love WALL*E...maybe more than job security. Maybe.


One Response to “Eva says: “Directive””

  1. We really need to do coffee soon.

    I used to stay up late stressing during senior year about the job situation too. I totally relate to how you’re feeling.

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