What I Do Must Be Important


I have this theory. Walk with me, won’t you?

Our degree of connection has given new meaning to our everyday mundane lives. Take the Onion, for example, with it’s illustration of how easy it is for anyone to share the deepest recesses of their lives with the entire world:

And take my need to share a random encounter with words of encouragement in the women’s locker room at the Rec Center (as seen on Facebook, uploaded from my Blackberry):

"Strength shows in more than mirrors."  Bless you for brightening my day, locker room mirror.

"Strength shows in more than mirrors." Bless you for brightening my day, locker room mirror.

And the ultimate in World Wide Web commiserating:

F*** My Life

My theory is this: sharing life experiences is the human condition.  We all can use a shoulder to cry on when we fail a test or accidentally run into a wall.  We like to get our strokes after getting a big promotion or actually showing up to class.

The advent of the Internet has only made that feeling exponentially more socially acceptable, and we techno-savvy Gen Yers are stereotypically “in bed” with new ways of connecting faster than their Gen X counterparts.  It’s virtually impossible to explain to my parents (who lovingly and graciously finance my overpriced public secondary education) why I felt it prudent to create this video or that it really only took a camera, YouTube, and a 10-minute homework break to produce it.

The internal drive to share, while universal, is manifesting in a trackable way.  I think it will be an interesting addition to the thesis puzzle…


One Response to “What I Do Must Be Important”

  1. 1 Truman

    I have a massive backlog of Kristin’s blog postings to read. Fuck my life.

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