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So the new FB format has a button that looks like this: Not “Post”, not “Write on Wall”, but “Share”. This is so evidence of our connected digital culture. Just wanted everyone to know (since everyone on the Internet reads my blog). Advertisements

Check out this NYT article on the “OMG Generation“. Every generation gets defining events, and it’s these happenings (not the year one is born) that truly create the underlying bonds among a generational cohort. Kate Zernike points out the parallel between the current economic state of mind and the 1930s, when intellectuals eschewed doctoral programs […]

Did you know WordPress doesn’t let you put italics in the titles of blog posts?  Now it looks like I don’t know what kind of punctuation to use on a book title…THANKS, WP. I went to Barnes & Noble today and revamped my reading collection for our trip to Phoenix in 11 days (likely the […]

Reason #1: FML A friend told me about it last Thursday and I told literally everyone I know with all due haste about how hilarious this site is.   Come this Tuesday and Wendesday, FML is popping up at the end of everyone’s Facebook statuses. I’m not saying I called it, but let’s just say I […]