Two Reasons I Own the Internet


Reason #1: FML
A friend told me about it last Thursday and I told literally everyone I know with all due haste about how hilarious this site is.   Come this Tuesday and Wendesday, FML is popping up at the end of everyone’s Facebook statuses.

I’m not saying I called it, but let’s just say I knew exactly what was going down when it started popping up everywhere.

Reason #2: Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog

A friend Tweeted this one, and I laughed so hard I fell off my chair.  I quickly proceeded to post it on my FB profile and show it to everyone at the start of our ad agency meeting.  That was last Thursday – today (which is a week later, mind you) I just overheard a table of young up-and-comings trading the video at our memorial union.

Let it be known that Kristin Vanderburgh, while not a trend-setter, is still exceptionally good at predicting success on the Internet.


2 Responses to “Two Reasons I Own the Internet”

  1. Well then I guess I’m a setter and a follower. I found the video, and was introduced to FML by you!

  2. I know right? We’re such internet buddies…

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