Calling the Revolution


Check out this NYT article on the “OMG Generation“.

We're the "recession youth"?

We're the "recession youth"? Is it just me, or does this smack of "Children of the Revolution"?

Every generation gets defining events, and it’s these happenings (not the year one is born) that truly create the underlying bonds among a generational cohort.

Kate Zernike points out the parallel between the current economic state of mind and the 1930s, when intellectuals eschewed doctoral programs in favor of the pursuit of that which truly stimulated their cranial curiosity.

I agree with this parallel being drawn.  In fact, I agree with it so much that I am, in fact, standing up right now and giving Kate Zernike a slow rolling clap.

This sentiment is so deeply ingrained in my life and the lives of everyone around me – why should we pursue institutionalized paths to success when the institutions (e.g. Wall Street, the Federal Government) have failed us so completely?

Consider this my “calling it”: the future holds a lot of things, but MBAs and PhDs for me and my gang may just not find much of a foothold.


2 Responses to “Calling the Revolution”

  1. Amen sister. I completely agree with you, but the thought of you alone at your computer doing a slow rolling clap is slightly distracting from the message…

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