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I’m burnt out on this thesis topic.  Know why?  It’s downright depressing. On the one hand, I’ve got way too many articles that are just down and out on Gen Y.  Every one I read and cite chips away at the precarious bubble of self-esteem I’m clinging to despite a bad economy, despite a precarious […]



I got some great feedback on my last post from the community over at Brazen Careerist, none the least of which was a general disillusionment and weariness at the very talk of generational conflict period. Trust me: I’m right there with you. So I decided it was time to infuse some new blood into the […]

You know you’re having a good night when a troop of Radical Cheerleaders pays homage to your name:

After spending a solid hour or so immersed in Thesis Land, I’m feeling pretty satisfied with the intro paragraph for Gen Y itself.  After over a year of research, it feels pretty ridiculous to be putting this sort of an introduciton together.  It’s sort of like a nuclear physicist mapping the chemical bonds for baking […]

Greetings from the land of Thesis.  Our voyage has been smooth sailing today, but we haven’t packed the sails in quite yet, as there’s still a lot of water between us and Graduation Island. Today I checked out a few of my predecessors’ works (nicely bound and commodified as the Honors College requires). I also […]

Dear Twitter


This is incorrect. “Their” implies a plural subject and “this person” is most definitely singular. Please remedy the situation as soon as possible. Respectfully yours, Kristin Vanderburgh Internet Grammar Watchdog

With the brand shiny new newsfeed on the FB homepage, I’m not only getting status updates and photo downloads from every single one  of my “friends” in real time, but seeing updates from pages I’m a fan of as well as the results from every inane quiz my friends decide to fill their procrastination quota […]