I’m Just a Little Concerned


In my pursuit of epic thesis fame and glory, I’ve spent the last year or so immersing myself in the world of Generation Y.  Developing a hearty body of useful advice to Gen Yers entering the workforce has been my goal ever since embarking on my quest aboard the Good Ship Thesis.

My research often hits close to home – whether a blessing or a curse, it’s ultimately just the truth.  Just like my Rufus Wainwright Pandora station inevitably plays the same haunting Wilco song every time I listen, the same themes keep popping up the deeper I get into my research.

Multi-tasking: So absolutely pertinent to a Gen Yer, it’s painful

Some love it (NOTE: This video is perfect to listen to while surfing another tab)

And others…don’t:

Sherry Turkle (who could have walked right off the back of a Nora Roberts book, am I right?) teaches social studies of science and technology at M.I.T. and holds strong opinions about the presence of computers in her classroom.

I tell them this is not a place for e-mail, it’s not a place to do online searches.  It’s not going to help if there are parallel discussions about how boring it is. You’ve got to get people to participate in the world as it is.

The American Bar Association even addressed the presence of laptops in class:

Professor complaints focus on three main areas: students blindly transcribing verbatim class notes, students using laptops inappropriately (e-mails, instant messages, Web surfing, playing games), and professors feeling disconnected from their students because they are hidden behind laptop screens. Student complaints focus mainly on the distractions to learning caused by classmates’ inappropriate behavior.

In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell postulates his “10,000 hour rule”, implying that in order to become an expert in a given area, one must devote a minimum of 10,000 hours collectively to the pursuit of excellence in that field.  I have to wonder how we’re supposed to meet that kind of requirement in a given area when our attentions are obviously pulled in so many different directions.

But straight up on the level, let me tell you: as a lean mean multi-tasking machine, sitting down and strapping in to write a thesis is the best exercise in dedication a Gen Y studier could ever ask for.


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