Operation Alpha Thesis Update


Greetings from the land of Thesis.  Our voyage has been smooth sailing today, but we haven’t packed the sails in quite yet, as there’s still a lot of water between us and Graduation Island.

Today I checked out a few of my predecessors’ works (nicely bound and commodified as the Honors College requires).

Accounting and social media: the research equivalent of a polar bear next to a cactus.

Accounting and social media: the research equivalent of a polar bear next to a cactus.

I also ventured putting pen to paper (old school style) to write a recurring section I found in each work I read: the “Topic Significance” section.  It’s as good a place as any to start, right?


I study Gen Y and our integration into the workforce for three reasons.

First, I’m selfish. As I am born and bred member of Gen Y as well as an imminently graduated college student, this topic is of dire importance to my life and happiness. This fact has translated into a zeal and attachment to the topic that likely would not have developed had I chosen different subject matter.

Second, generational conflict is pervasive and personal. Everyone has stories about conflict with members of other generations. From grandparents to new hires and no good punk kids to stodgy old timers, the underlying conflicts among individuals of varying age and experiences will always play an important role in the workplace. I chose Gen Y in particular to study because of my aforementioned proximity to this cohort’s collective experience. I in no way plan to be a voice for my generation as a whole or make sweeping generalizations about solutions for bridging the conflicts I intend to explore. However, any light I can shed on the broader topic will be brightest from my personal vantage point, especially complemented by the personally held views of others with differing viewpoints.


Here's a trusty word cloud to break up the lack of brevity in this post.

Third, there is value in being aware and nurturing a knowledge base of this topic. Whether you’re a Human Resources professional or a helicopter parent, an understanding or even professional degree of empathy of the history and motivations of individuals from various generations is priceless in the context of the modern workplace. The goal of my research is not to provide advice on conforming to the wants or needs of another generation. Rather, any insight I develop is offered in the spirit of teamwork and the creation of collective HR value. The business case for placing an emphasis on decreasing inter-generational conflict through specific resource allocation is strong. Throughout my research, I plan to explore metrics for success as well as empirical data to support the need for the suggestion I’ll outline.

Also, this Gen Y wrap up for the week tickle my research funny bone.


2 Responses to “Operation Alpha Thesis Update”

  1. I just realized I’ve never actually seen the bound version of my thesis.

  2. @AdamEdgerton But I have!

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