Can I Be Honest?


I’m burnt out on this thesis topic.  Know why?  It’s downright depressing.

On the one hand, I’ve got way too many articles that are just down and out on Gen Y.  Every one I read and cite chips away at the precarious bubble of self-esteem I’m clinging to despite a bad economy, despite a precarious future post-graduation.

On the other hand, I’ve got a shelf full of books telling me that Gen Y is the wave of the future and thank GAWD we have you around or else the world would be boring and always want to work.

Tell me this, oh great collective of Gen Y experts: where’s the happy medium?  Where’s the middle ground where tempers aren’t aroused and deep-seeded emotions don’t rear their ugly heads to dictate behavior across generational lines?  Where’s the point where we can put aside everything else and just do our darn jobs and live our darn happy lives like grownups without bickering over whose life path is right or wrong?

I’m talking to you, body of generational research and knowledge.  Take a cue from the few helpful sources I’ve found in this cluster of blame and pity parties.  Sack up and help me out here.  My first final draft is due in three weeks: it’s go time.

For the sake of positive energy, here’s a reprise of Bizkit (he never bickers about generational differences):


One Response to “Can I Be Honest?”

  1. Have you looked much into the science behind things? Not that it’s really at all relevant to your subject field, but part of me figures it must boil down to survival instincts and game theory that’s resulting in all this bickering and unease. At least toddlers and retirees still get along together.

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