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Even after a year of researching generational conflict, including countless articles, literally hundreds of books, and thousands of quippy comments from personal interviews, I will openly and whole-heartedly admit that I am no generational expert. Why?  Because that would imply that a) I’m just a little bit full of myself and 2) that I can […]

I’ve heard from several reliable sources this week that advertising is one thing: Coming from a business background (if we can really call an undergraduate education a background worth coming from) I’m reveling in seeing things from an artist’s viewpoint.  In the UO Journalism School, there’s a huge emphasis on everyone being a “creative strategist” […]

I was born in a small town in the year 1987.  For those of you keeping score at home, this makes me a child of the 80s.  When I discovered Rock of Ages opened on Broadway April 7th and we happened to be rolling into town that very month, I could not be convinced by […]

The shopping happened today.  The shopping and walking…and walking and shopping. We started off trying to get to Central Park, but due to a number of egregious navigation errors, we ended up in Greenwich Village instead.  We made the executive decision to pretend like that was our plan all along. We found an adorable sandwich […]

NYC: Day One


Here are the highlights of our trip to NYC for the One Show so far: “Our shower is the epitome of a supportive partner.” “I’m going to turn on the hair dryer since I’ll be trumpeting out my ass.” “We have quilts!” “These robes are like a hug.” We were going to stay at the […]