Not so humble advice


It’s a cardinal sin to call oneself an expert (see prior blog post) without being named as such by someone else.  But I’m willing to bet my mom would call me an expert on sloughing it through college, so here’s my expert advice to anyone trying to make it through the drunked cesspool of higher education.

Call it a Top Ten of not totally screwing up.

10. Spend as much time outside as possible: I’m not saying you need to go all Cali girl and break out the bikini top every time GoogWeather tops 60, but really.  Just get out of the library whenever possible.  Your future children with thank you.

9. Go to office hours: Just talk to your professors.  They’re real people with real biases and will think kindly on your 2 extra absences if you listened to them regale the story of how they courted their hot younger wife.

8. Get something pierced: It’s less expensive and far less permanent than a tatoo and you’ll feel like a grown up darn quick.

7. Pick something to love: Music, model ships, making garb, riding motorcycles, whatever!  Just pick something that you love and find other people who love it.  Your sanity will thank you later.

6. Buy bulk cold medicine: You’re literally always going to need it.

5. Be the best friend possible: Everyone will get busy and friends will come and go as you get involved with different activities.  Take the time to support firends so they’ll support you when it matters (i.e. take you to the airport/emergency room/7-11 at 4:00 AM or let you mooch their Sailor Jerry’s).

4. Don’t believe your email: Spam.  You’ll get it.  Trust no one.

3. Read your student publications: They’re paid for with your money and give you something to aspire to/mock openly depending on the quality of your student body.

2. Make friends outside your major: You’ll just be a better person for it.

1. MAJOR IN SOMETHING YOU LOVE: The job and usefulness will come later.  Promise.

And here’s how Kristin spent her evening yesterday:


One Response to “Not so humble advice”

  1. 1 Kyle

    That was brilliant, Kristin. One of these days I’m going to start a blog, assuming I can come up with enough material to post.

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