If you wanted to know what Kristin’s up to…


A bit of shameless self promotion of things I’ve been up to lately.

1. Applying for this a PR/Executive Assistant position with an awesome PDX food cart called KOi Fusion (that’s Korean Oregon infusion).

2. Attending the Online Marketing Summit stop in PDX.  Enjoyed the speakers, the free lunch, and learned more about search engine optimization than my poor little intern brain could handle.  Thanks to eROI for the hookup.

3. Starring in moderate drinking videos as a puppet (I start at 3:45 – not my voice, BTW):

4. Generally loving being in Portland and rooming with the beau.  City livin’ all the way.


2 Responses to “If you wanted to know what Kristin’s up to…”

  1. 1. You are ridiculous.

    2. Duck U really is good for something (shoutout your acting skillz).

    3. Didn’t Eugene tell you to lock your bike?! (-;

    love it Kristin!

  2. and by tell, I mean teach. I love typos.

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