When you give a new grad a new city


She’s bound to ask for more.

After two days of bed ridden sickness, I was ready to get back to work and back to the romp and fantasm of Portland. I traisped into work 20 minutes late (thanks a lot, Streetcar, for not running late when I’M running late) to find both my supervisors on early vacay/working from home.  After a quick permission email to leave early for the day, I promptly made like an obidient intern and GTFO’d.

I had my interview with the awesome folks at KOi Fusion, the awesome Korean taco stand I hope to be marketing/PRing for very soon.  I’ve also got another interview tomorrow morning with a marketing agency called 500 lb Marketing Solutions.  Multiple experience points, FTW!

After the interview, the beau met me (serendipitously) at the food carts on 9th and Alder.  There we discovered Spella Caffe, which Yelp was just loving ALL over.  The espresso truly was heaven, and the blended drink we went back for in the afternoon was heaven redux.

It spells delicious.

It spells delicious.

Next we headed to ye olde city of books (Powell’s) for an afternoon of time warp.  I managed to make it out with only one cycling book (I AM in Portland now) and a new sketchbook.  We headed over to Powell’s technical to help me bone up on my HTML skills, but I think we all know who had more fun perusing the tech-savvy shelves.

He's a voracious little reader.

He's a voracious little reader.

Heading back to the streetcar, we (okay, I) was drawn to a little knitting shop I’ve had my eye on for a while.  The ambiance was perfect but the prices were…a bit pricey.  At least for this station in life.

Yes.  Please.

Yes. Please.

Finally, we spent some quality time at First Thursday in the Pearl drinking some free wine and looking at modern art that, in the words of someone famous (and Max), “You could have done, but you didn’t.” (pictures to come on Facebook)

So that’s the story of a day in Portland.  Everyone reading this has either done everything I did today or should try everything I did today.


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