My theory on work


Today marked my first full week of being employed.  First of all, I feel exceedingly lucky to be getting paid to a) do something within spitting distance of the field I want to be in and 2) not cut up animals with a chainsaw.

I had dinner tonight with three friends from my honors business class, two of whom are in temporarily bunking in the PSU dorms like me and the other of whom is temporarily bunking in Vancouver, WA (which apparently has an adult version of Chuck E. Cheese and also lower property taxes).

We count among us…

The marketer turned nerd: Working 30-40 hours at a technical marketing firm with a PR/media relations gig with a food cart (go KOi Fusion PDX) on the side.

The accountant: Doing the same internship I had last year (with a different firm) and we all know how well THAT went for everyone.  Granted he’s approximately 10x smarter and 3x more devoted to accounting than I, so I have vast amounts of hope for this as a viable career path.  He spends 2 hours wrestling with printers and mailing labels and goes on jaunts at Lloyd Center around 3:00 PM when the team runs out of work since apparently even accountants don’t want to account when it’s 90 degrees and the Nord’s half yearly sale is on.

The downfall of number crunchers everywhere

The downfall of number crunchers everywhere

The aspiring accountant: Working at a health insurance company for the second summer in a row, this time in internal audit.  She’s headed back to UO for a Masters of Accounting in the fall, but for now she passes the days hunting down supervisors to edit work papers that are #104 on the top 50 ToDo’s of any boss she set her sights on.

...I need real work.

...I need real work.

The “corporate” retail goddess: She interned at a large retail chain last summer and was hired on to work at corporate.  Unfortunately, no one at the company bears resemblance to the two friends profiled above and had trouble with the basic math of open positions (0) + jobs offered (15) = salaried college graduate “supervising” management in store locations.  She passes the time asking 10-year retail veterans about the basics of inventory tracking that she’ll never use in a true calling position.

Maybe she’ll have a chance in the virtual corporate word.

So here’s the basic lesson: we’re all working jobs that aren’t great, living day to day in temporary situations that may or may not involved game tokens and frequent karoke nights at bar named for gleeful reptiles.  But we’re happy as clams and thrilled to pieces to have any kind of income at all and be in a city as awesome as Portland.  Even if we have to fight the meanest of photocopiers to stay here.

ALSO…I got a bike and I think I’m in love.

Yep, love affair.

Yep, love affair.


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  1. thank you for using “whom” correctly. bonus pts for not being a j. school kid!!

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