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Courtesy of, which peruses the interwebs to find how your presence measure up in different categories. Anyone who know me notice anything (or…multiple things) strange about this assessment?  The question now is of course two fold: why is the internet wrong and how can I fix it. Advertisements

So I have a new job. I’ve been working for nearly a month now and have yet to brag on my firm, so it’s just about that time, don’t you think? I’m officially an Account Manager at a technical firm called 500lb Marketing Solutions. We’re a firm of contractors, offering a range of techie stuff […]

It’s now 18 days until KS and I move into our new house (along with our 3 roommates and new doggie) and we’re about fed up.  Not necessarily with each other, but certainly with having a kitchen the size of a shower and a shower the size of a sink.  The Portland State dorms have […]