Counting down the days: paper chain edition


It’s now 18 days until KS and I move into our new house (along with our 3 roommates and new doggie) and we’re about fed up.  Not necessarily with each other, but certainly with having a kitchen the size of a shower and a shower the size of a sink.  The Portland State dorms have treated us well for a temporary living situation (see: Chipotle in the basement) but we’re ready to move on with our lives.

We’ve been dreaming of full-sized refrigerators, comfy couches in our very own finished basement, tending watermelons* in our garden, and hearing the click-clack of Riley’s toenails on the hardwood floor.  Especially now that we’ve overcome the hurdles of employment and transportation, housing is beckoning like a siren song of chili dogs over a cold, rainy carnival parking lot.

*Not kidding.  WATERMELONS.

So I give you…the paper chain:

Hung in between the closet and the microwave.

Hung in between the closet and the microwave.

We made the chain for our own sanity.  Every day, we can get out of bed and remove one link, knowing this simple action brings us one day closer to the NoPo hearth and home we’ve been dreaming of.


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