Learning from Lynda


So I have a new job. I’ve been working for nearly a month now and have yet to brag on my firm, so it’s just about that time, don’t you think? I’m officially an Account Manager at a technical firm called 500lb Marketing Solutions. We’re a firm of contractors, offering a range of techie stuff from website redesign, all kinds of coding, and email marketing.

We going to pump...your website up.

We going to pump...your website up.

The virtue of being at a smallish firm is such that I have a lot of freedom to learn.  I’ve done everything from designing a logo for a kids soccer team to coding HTML to making sales calls and finding new business.

Translation: a lot of self-teaching and observation.

I spend the time not spent writing proposals brushing up on my skills (and creating new ones out of thin air).   Enter Lynda.com, a way cool resource for plopping in front of the computer and cramming knowledge into one’s screen-wearied brain.  Lately, an ecclectic guy named Deek has been teaching me the eccentricities of Photoshop, a tool I’ve always known about but never really gotten to know.  Photoshop to me is like that barista you order coffee from every morning and are always friendly to, but all of a sudden the zombpocalypse occurs right in the middle of your caramel macchiato and you find yourselves side-by-side barricading the front doors and sawing off steamer wands to slow down the onslaught of the undead.

I digress.

My point is, even at $25/month, Lynda is a really great resource, especially for an entry level aspiring technical marketer like myself.


One Response to “Learning from Lynda”

  1. 1 erinmaydavis

    I’m so glad you went with lynda. I’ve really loved their service, and it’s a great introduction to new programs. Do you have an adobe creative suite? I used the site for flash and illustrator during the nefarious thesis process.

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